Monday, 29 June 2015


I have been so busy in recent weeks with decorating and a quick trip to Scotland I have hardly picked up my bins. I did however managed to get over and see the Melodious Warbler near Marsh Lane.

Melodious Warbler

Joy and I spent a week in Scotland and managed to climb three Corbetts, the weather wasn’t great and on the Monday we spent the day on Speyside where the temperature was 8ÂșC in the early afternoon, it was warmer than that here at Christmas. There was also permanent drizzle which made birding difficult and the only bird of note was Crested Tit.

On Tuesday we drove up the A9 parking at Dalnaspindal from where we tackled two Corbetts, one on either side of the Glen. We climbed Meall na Leitreach first following a good track to the top, there were at least four pairs of Golden Plover. The slog up The Sow of Atholl was quick but tiring, but quick coming down. There were some great views from the top looking up the Glen towards Dalwinnie.
The start of both walks with Loch Garry behind

Meall na Leitreach

The Sow of Atholl

The view from the summit, looking along the A9 to Dalwinnie

The next day we walked again this time it was Ben Vrackie which lies behind Pitlochry. The hill has the best path that I have ever used on any hill, it was practically a staircase. All in all a good week even if the weather was a little dodgy.
Ben Vrackie

At the summit of Ben Vrackie

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Tuesday 2nd June

Received a call from Steve Cawthray that there was a Little Tern at Shustoke, unfortunately I had just  taken the first bite of my evening meal, so I couldn’t get over straightaway, that proved a miscalculation as by the time I did arrive the bird had gone.

But I did get to see Arctic Tern a 1st Summer in what is known as Portlandica plumage. As a general rule Common and Arctic Terns don’t breed until there 2nd year and the 1st summers spent there time at sea, but occasionally they turn up, as this one did.

I did a circuit but the wind was really strong and there was not much to see or hear. So until I hear of further goodies to distract me – it’s back to decorating for me!!