Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Tuesday 29 April

Had a text informing me of a couple of Turnstone at the Reservoir, as it was lunchtime Joy and I decided to spend it on site. On arrival DH and Bobby D were on-site photographing the Black Tern that was still present, I guessed that the Turnstone had gone – I was right!

We walked around quickly checking as we went but there was no sign. I did however hear my first Garden Warbler behind the Sailing Club.

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Weekend and Monday

Black Tern morning only, when I saw it, the bird was resting on the red buoy straight out. I was pushed for time but got back over later in the evening when it had gone, the only birds of note were four Common Sandpiper.

There was a steady stream of Arctic Tern going through I saw around a dozen late on, with a single Common Sandpiper.

I spent the morning at the Reservoir, there was another Black Tern, with 8 Common Tern. I had quite a good morning “cheers Dave Hutton”. I had a Coal Tit feeding fledglings and there were a number of Whitethroat in. There was little in the way of hirundines over the water so it was a bit of a surprise when I went over later that I had a Hobby hunting over the Reservoir.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Friday 25 April

Had a text from Captain Daylate to say that the Little Tern had gone but that there was a Garganey at Shustoke. I was busy at work all day, but went over in driving rain just to get some fresh air, I wasn’t the only one stupid enough as Steve Cawthray turned up whilst I was there.

The Garganey was feeding just off the Sailing Club and there were ten Common Tern but little if anything else. I got picked up early and glad of it. Lets see what next week brings as it has been a good 10 or so days for Shustoke.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thursday 24th April

Sitting working away, when a text arrived informing me that there was a Little Tern (S Haynes) as Shustoke, as I have never seen one at Shustoke I had to go! On arrival the bird was resting on the green buoys and showed really well. There was also a couple of Yellow Wagtail and two Lesser Whitethroat.

Back at work, waiting for 5.30pm!

Anyway 5.30pm came and went. Eventually, at 6.30pm I arrived but it looked like everything had left, I sat down on one of the benches and scanned but could pick nothing up. After 10 minutes or so I saw the Little Tern down the far end feeding, it eventually came in and rested on one of the buoys, typically the most distant one! I managed to fire off a few shots. As I had taken my scope I scanned the edge eventually seeing four Common Sandpiper.

Little Tern

Little Tern

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tuesday 22nd April

I drew the short straw at work covering Easter Tuesday, I hadn’t been sat down long and was on my second cup of coffee when I received a text to say there was a Garganey at Shustoke. As we weren’t particularly busy, I left Joy in command (no change there) and headed out for an early lunch.

On arrival it would seem most of the great and the good had made the same choice. The Garganey was off the car park – distant but near enough. There were also a couple of Common Tern and up to 3 Arctic Tern and a Common Sandpiper. After an extended lunch break I headed back to work.

I payed another visit at 5.30pm this time walking round. I met a visiting birder from Northamptonshire who hadn’t located the Garganey, the Terns had moved off and it looked like the Garganey had as well.

I made my way round when good numbers of hirundines dropped in with about 150 equally spread between the usual suspects. Along the south shore the edge is really overgrown and near useless for waders but to my surprise I was treated to a fly past by an Oystercatcher. I picked up a Yellow Wagtail flying overhead, it thought about landing and I lost it to view over the west end. The Garganey was relocated with a small group of Tufted Duck and I rounded of the evening with the Common Sandpiper on the shore line by the car park.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Monday 21st April

The day started of quite misty so Joy and I had a morning walk around the reservoir. It soon became apparent that the Arctic Terns had moved off overnight, and it was generally quiet. I did however see my first Swift of the year. On the way back to the car park a couple of Common Tern flew overhead whilst back on the car park there were two Swift overhead.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday 20th April

I took a walk around this morning, there having been a report of 13 Arctic Tern. On arrival I couldn’t see any, I walked the whole way round seeing no Terns. Back at the car park I had another scan and picked up three birds. It seems like there has been a fair bit of coming and going all day. This evening I counted 23 Arctic Tern.

There has also been a couple of Common Tern and a Swift seen today.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Saturday 19th April

Up early this morning and off the Malvern, we parked at Castlemorton Common at the south end and walked to North Hill just over eight miles away and back! Bird wise it was quiet there were a few Common Whitethroat new in and we had a Peregrine, but it was cold with an easterly the whole day.

This evening I though I would just nip over and check from the car park and I was rewarded with c.40 Arctic Tern and a Little Gull all down the far end, but I couldn’t bring myself to walk around so as it was quite cold I went home a little happier.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Thursday 17 April

Popped over just after lunch on my way back to work. The dull conditions I thought might be conducive to dragging a few birds down – I was correct. There were in excess of 250 Sand Martin around a 150 Swallow and at least two House Martin. There appeared little else, but it was a start. I was pushed for time, so I got no further than the car park.

In the early evening, Joy and I took walk around and there were roughly the same number of hirundines plus three Common Tern, as we walked around I picked up two birds at distance and as we got closer it proved to be two Black-necked Grebe just coming into summer plumage. I can only assume that these were the same birds that had been at Draycote earlier in the week. There was very little singing as we walked around – a pair of Mistle Thrush and a Coal Tit being the only birds of note.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Recent Sightings

I have been over recently but it has been rather quiet. However, there have been more sightings of Red Kite and I received an email that one had also been seen near Berkswell, I await my first encounter.

On Monday I had my annual trip to North Wales but this time it was a lot later in the year. I though that would be good but I was wrong. At Black Rock Sands near Porthmadoc we saw several Manx Shearwater, a couple of Sandwich Tern and Razorbill and Guillemot on the sea and a single Red-throated Diver. We then visited a range of sites that we normally go too, and they were all very quiet.
Even at Worlds End there was nothing on show whatsoever.

On Tuesday I made two trips to the Reservoir, in the morning I only had 8 Sand Martin to show for my efforts. On the evening I left it too late to walk around but I did see a Cuckoo fly across the Reservoir.
Sunday looks like it may be interesting with rain forecast with the wind from the east, but we will wait and see.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thursday 10th April

I think the migrants have learnt from last year, after freezing their ****'s off until the end of May they have delayed their arrival. Everything seems to be late, and we are only getting big numbers of Sand Martin through now.

This evening I had 250 Sand Martin and a single Swallow and a Little Ringed Plover. But little else, it was rather nippy tonight but there was a brave Blackcap singing.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Early April

On Thursday Joy and I walked the Malvern ridge covering over 11 miles, it was quite hazy but we had a good day getting some exercise in for the start of what should be my last season of Munro walking with just 16 hills left to complete. Bird wise I had my first Willow Warbler and Swallow. But the highlight was undoubtedly a Red Kite over British Camp. Later I walked around the Reservoir seeing little apart from a single Swallow and around 50 Sand Martin.

A walk around on Friday 12 Sand Martin, there were also two singing Skylark. Chiffchaff and Blackcap are present in good numbers and I heard a single Willow Warbler.

On Saturday morning Joy an I took a walk around Middleton seeing LRP, Ringed Plover and an adult Med Gull and a fly over Raven. In the afternoon we walked around Shustoke and there were a few Sand Martin but little else.

On Sunday, I had nearly 200 Sand Martin late on but there was not a lot else on a miserable day. Adam Archer however, saw a Red Kite, this is the second sighting in a week.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Monday 31 March

Busy in the garden and sorting my garage out, the hedgerow by the house has a few Yellowhammer at the moment and there were a few Chiffchaff singing.

I received a text to say there was 1 Common Tern and 4 Little Gull at Shustoke and for once I was there instantly and saw the said birds. Later in fields near the Atherstone Road I had a couple of Wheatear and 30 Fieldfare.