Friday, 18 April 2014

Thursday 17 April

Popped over just after lunch on my way back to work. The dull conditions I thought might be conducive to dragging a few birds down – I was correct. There were in excess of 250 Sand Martin around a 150 Swallow and at least two House Martin. There appeared little else, but it was a start. I was pushed for time, so I got no further than the car park.

In the early evening, Joy and I took walk around and there were roughly the same number of hirundines plus three Common Tern, as we walked around I picked up two birds at distance and as we got closer it proved to be two Black-necked Grebe just coming into summer plumage. I can only assume that these were the same birds that had been at Draycote earlier in the week. There was very little singing as we walked around – a pair of Mistle Thrush and a Coal Tit being the only birds of note.

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