Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Tuesday 22nd April

I drew the short straw at work covering Easter Tuesday, I hadn’t been sat down long and was on my second cup of coffee when I received a text to say there was a Garganey at Shustoke. As we weren’t particularly busy, I left Joy in command (no change there) and headed out for an early lunch.

On arrival it would seem most of the great and the good had made the same choice. The Garganey was off the car park – distant but near enough. There were also a couple of Common Tern and up to 3 Arctic Tern and a Common Sandpiper. After an extended lunch break I headed back to work.

I payed another visit at 5.30pm this time walking round. I met a visiting birder from Northamptonshire who hadn’t located the Garganey, the Terns had moved off and it looked like the Garganey had as well.

I made my way round when good numbers of hirundines dropped in with about 150 equally spread between the usual suspects. Along the south shore the edge is really overgrown and near useless for waders but to my surprise I was treated to a fly past by an Oystercatcher. I picked up a Yellow Wagtail flying overhead, it thought about landing and I lost it to view over the west end. The Garganey was relocated with a small group of Tufted Duck and I rounded of the evening with the Common Sandpiper on the shore line by the car park.

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