Wednesday, 9 April 2008

April 9th Kittiwake

Kittiwake (adult) Apr 9th 2008......On main pool.

Kittiwakes are not that common at Shustoke, mainly singles on spring passage usually between late March and mid-May. There is evidense of a definate spring passage across the Midlands and this can happen even in fine calm weather, although many can pass overhead undetected in these ideal conditions.Spring passage mainly comprises of adults, with a small influx of immature birds in August, and a further passage of adults in November and December, which frequently coincides with stormy weather.
Previous Shustoke Records.
1993 Jan 24th (winter adult).
1994 Apr 2nd (1st summer).
1994 Apr 17th (adult).
1994 May 16th (adult).
1997 Nov 30th (1st winter).
1998 Mar 23rd (adult).
1999 Sept 14th (adult).
2000 Apr 14th (1st Summer).
2003 Mar 6th (adult).
2004 Apr 12th (adult).
2005 Aug 22nd (1st Winter).
2006 Apr 30th (adult).
2008 Apr 9th (adult).
S Seal.......

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