Thursday, 15 October 2009

15th October - Afternoon

After checking the site this morning with little of note present, and spending most of lunch time wondering why there were no Common Scoter present this morning, dispite good numbers inland outside of Warwickshire. I recieved a text mid afternoon informing me that there were indeed 2 Common Scoter on site, along with 2 Arctic Tern. By 15:30 I was back on site. The two drake Scoter were half way down the main pool, whilst the two juvenile Arctic Tern were present just off the car park. Teal numbers had risen to 4, and 2 Pochard were present. Small numbers of Gulls had started to come in to roost by the time I left, with a single Herring and 2 Common Gull. Both the Scoters and Terns were still present until 16:30 at least.
L Johnson...

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