Thursday, 31 December 2009

31st December

2 Goosander were again present. Ruddy Duck had increased to 3 birds, with 4 Gadwall also on the main pool. The Marsh tit was present with a small tit flock along the stream between both pools, as was a Treecreeper.
L Johnson...


Tim Jones said...

I know it may sound a little knit picky but is there any chance you could remove the sightings of Ruddy Duck?

You might have seen Lee Evan's blog post asking people to not report ruddy duck sightings here-

Im sure you wouldn't want defra turning up at shustoke and racing round in boats with guns and shooting! Just thought i'd let you know, otherwise keep up the good work and this great blog

Matthew Griffiths said...

Hi Lee, Tim,
On the one occasion I saw the species at Earlswood this year I reported them as "Rμ**Ϋ Ducks", but perhaps just using astericks would be similarly effective if you want to report them but prevent DEFRA from finding your sightings in a search engine.