Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sunday 22nd August

Turnstone by Des Ridge

After a day at the Bird Fair I thought a walk around the res would be a relaxing end to the day. On arrival there was still a “Macbeth Duck” off the car park, its partner however was not to be seen.

I had only walked around 200 yards when the star bird of the year appeared (for me at least). It came in the form of a near summer plumaged Ruddy Turnstone. It was on the shoreline, making its way over the rocks, it then ran 10 yards up the enbankment to dispatching a large beetle (they must have good eyesight). It became increasingly mobile as the evening wore on, but by the time I left it was feeding on the waters edge by the carpark.

Also tonight there were at least four Common Sandpiper and four Common Tern flew through.

Turnstone by Des Ridge

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