Friday, 13 May 2011

Friday 13th May

Having been in Scotland hillwalking for three days we cut short our visit due to the weather. Having climbed two Munro’s near Glenfinnan on Wednesday and walked for over 20k soaking wet, I wasn’t too keen for a repeat performance. My mood was lowered somewhat when I received a text on Thursday informing me that there was a 1st summer Black-throated Diver at Shustoke.

We came home today but I didn’t have any great expectation that the bird would still be present. However, the bird was seen at 9am and by the time I had unpacked it was 3pm. On arrival I was met by several birders, who informed me that the bird had not been seen since noon. I scanned the res but nothing, after half an hour I was ready to leave when I just appeared in my scope up against the south shore in an area not easy to see from the car park. I alerted everyone but it was nearly 10 minutes before I picked it up again!

It then promptly disappeared. Assuming that it had made its way back to where it had been I walked around to the other side of the sailing club but could not locate the bird and after 20 minutes I picked it up at the west end. I promptly returned to the car park but couldn’t locate the bird again.

Apparently though it was still present early evening, so if at first you don’t succeed have another look, then another, then another…

Black-throated Diver, Dave Hutton

Black-throated Diver, Dave Hutton

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