Thursday, 10 May 2012

Wednesday 9th May

With the rain easing, I decided to try my luck. In the car park there was a Cuckoo calling away, as I walked along the west shore a Common Sandpiper flew in – not bad! There were a lot of Swift, and a good number of hirundines but not as many as there has been. The Black-necked Grebe was still in its usual spot at the east end and was feeding energetically, anoyingly it never came close, sticking to the centre of the reservoir the whole time. Whilst watching the grebe two Mistle Thrush noisily saw off a Cuckoo.

I tried my luck around the small pool, but by this time it had started to rain rather heavily, as a consequence there were few birds singing. As I made my around the other side of the fishing pool three Little Egrets flew overhead flying east god knows where they were heading (possibly the fishing pool behind Daw Mill).

The rest of my trip was rather uneventful the grebe was still there but still as far away as it was possible to get. There are still nearly double figures of Common Tern and a pair of Gadwall. Breeding is underway with a pair of Canada Geese down to one goosling already. The Mallard seemed to have faired little better.

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