Monday, 18 June 2012

Decorating, Work and Break Dancing Squirrels

I have had a hectic two weeks, undermanned at work and trying to decorate one of my bedrooms. This has left me with little time for birding. The poor weather had decimated the breeding birds in the garden with the Goldfinches and Red-legged Partridge deserting. The Crows that nest in the largest of my Pine Trees had there young blown out of the nest, they were all dead when I found them and could not have been more than a couple of days of fledging.

Driving down Castle Lane on Saturday a squirrel was spinning round on its back erratically I thought it must have took a glancing blow from a car, I slowed down and it was moving with jerking motions it was only when I got close that it put on a spurt of speed towards the verge. It would have been nice to think that it was practicing for Britain’s got Talent, but unfortunately, for the squirrel at least, it had been despatched by a Stoat that was dragging the much larger animal off to its lair!

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