Monday, 4 February 2013

Sunday 3rd February

Didn’t have much time at the weekend. But the Captain and I went over on Sunday morning with a couple of bird feeders. We have thought for a while that a few feeders might help to attract the rarer Shustoke birds. In the recent past Willow and Marsh Tit and Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers have been in the vicinity.

The only problem is filling them, so I you feel like taking seed around with you, feel free to fill them up. There are only two and they are on the right as you approach the bridge across the stream which goes to the Fishing Club. If you have a spare feeder please feel free to add it.

Bird wise it was very quiet with a count of 132 Pochard, 3 Gadwall, 15 Wigeon and few other bits and pieces. There were good numbers of Sisking and a small party of about 20 Fieldfare flew overhead.

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