Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Wednesday 3rd April

Home late from work, my turn to walk the dog (its always my turn) = no time for birding. Joy being understanding gave me a Brownie Pass to nip over and check for hirundines from the car park with the strict instructions of no more than 10 minutes – a Black Lab can only cross his legs for so long!

I got there and the wind was cold enough to put my fillings on edge, I had a quick scan no hirundines. Then I picked up a small raptor flying towards me, straight away I realised it was a Merlin, as it got closer it headed more to my left and after it briefly buzzed a Pied Wagtail I lost it behind the car park. As it was headed roughly in the direction of my house I exited quickly walked the dog up the field and scanned around for 10 minutes but no sign.

That’s what I love about birding – you just never know! Last night with the Captain I mentioned that it was about this time a couple of years back that I had Merlin!

Psychic or What!

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