Thursday, 22 May 2014

19th May – Seana Bhraigh

This is another hill regarded as one of the most remote. The starting point is about ten miles south of Ullapool. We were up at 5.00am and drove north arriving just before 9.00am. We started and it was relatively straight forward until after over three hours walking we arrived in a wilderness. This hill is notorious as it is tricky to navigate. I could see why! We eventually found the gully having overshot by 100 metres of so (much better than the people following us)! We then worked our way north then north-west to the summit arriving after 4hr 40min. After a welcome break for a snack we started to work our way back arriving back at the car at 6.30pm.

Joy on Seana Bhraigh
Me on Seana Bhraigh
Seana Bhraigh from about 90 minutes away.
Surprisingly we saw few birds, a dozen or so Ptarmigan, three Ring Ouzel and a Golden Plover were all we had to show for the day.

The next day we had a slow drive back to Perth birding on the way. The highlights were around a dozen summer plumage Great Northern Diver, Black-throated Diver, Black Guillemot and Crested Tit.

Back at work now but we are in Scotland again in just over a week, were we hope to do a few more hills, just 13 left now and hopefully a little later in the year we will fulfil one of our greatest and hardest challenges. Then come the Corbetts!

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