Friday, 13 June 2014

Knoydart – Day 2

I eventually awoke to find a bright morning – no curtains, the snoring was still going strong, I felt quite refreshed although I felt I hadn’t slept much. I got up walked through to the kitchen to find my brother on his second cup of tea, I went to the loo to find Joy on her way back full dressed. On returned to the kitchen I had some cereal and coffee looked up at the clock and it was 4.50am! What the hell is going on! We decided that we could probably climb Ladhar Bheinn and get back early enough to get the 5pm boat back to Malliag, which after last night appealed!

The view down into Barrisdale Bay from the summit of Ladhar Bheinn

We started walking at just after 6.00am and the biggest problem was finding the path out of the village, which we eventually found (old map). It took 90 minutes to get to the ruins of Folach were we followed a path which climbed up to the west ridge of Ladhar Bheinn then it was a steep pull west along the ridge to the summit.

The summit of Ladhar Bheinn

The trig point on Ladhar Bheinn

The weather was supposed to be really poor but it was really good the opposite of yesterday. The views were stunning and we lingered a bit longer than we normally do. It took nearly as long to get back.

I went to the Quay to arrange the boat and we had a leisurely afternoon then caught the 5.00pm boat back to Malliag. Arriving back in Perth at around 8.30pm. We now had down three of the six walks that we had left with the most awkward one’s done and in the bag.

The Old Forge

If I look sad it is because I am outside of the pub and it is closed. I could have murdered a drink

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