Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thursday 23 October

Spent the morning at Ladywalk, didn’t really see much but it was a pleasant morning. This afternoon Joy and I took a walk around the Reservoir, it didn’t look promising with one sailing boat and a speed boat out on the water. We were about a quarter way round when a Cormorant caught my eye, I pulled up the bins to see a Shag the domed head and long slender bill were obvious, but the small size was what attracted me to it. Almost immediately it took flight it looked like it landed near the car park so we carried on. About half way down the Shag flew past us and disappeared over the trees flying east parallel to the railway line until lost to view. We checked out the small pool but it wasn’t there, but the two Red-crested Pochard were present on the raft in the corner.

I was hopeful of a seabird this week but Shag wouldn’t have been in my personal top ten. I am not sure but I think it might well be a new species for the Reservoir, I will look into it. It is certainly a new species for me.

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