Monday, 27 July 2015

Monday 27th July

I have made several trips over the last few days but the birds have remained stubbornly similar with up to four Common Sandpiper present for most of the week. Sunday saw large numbers of Swift and assorted hirundines forced low due to the weather conditions.

Monday morning saw much the same although I did find the male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in a familiar area. I watched it for around 30 minutes hoping it might not be on its own but never saw any juveniles whilst I was watching.

I have seen good numbers of Butterflies especially towards the end of last week. I am no sort of expert on butterflies but I saw roughly.

1 Painted Lady
3 Tortoiseshell
numerous Gatekeeper
numerous Large White
good numbers Small White
6 Green-viened White
good numbers Small/Essex Skippers (I’m sure at least one was Essex Skipper)
20+ Ringlet
numerous Meadow Brown

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