Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Tuesday 3rd November

I spent the end of the week and the weekend in Norfolk where I finally beat my record year total for the UK. I added Water Pipit, Red-necked Grebe, Firecrest, Spotted REDSHANK, Velvet Scoter and Bewick Swan to my year list.

In Norfolk we only spread our wings as far as Titchwell and Holkham and as usual we did a fair bit of walking other good birds seen were Rough-legged Buzzard and Black Redstart.

I haven’t been to the Reservoir much in recent weeks but when I have it has been rather poor. I dragged myself over yesterday and the most eventful thing that happened was that I was set upon by a dog! The couple had been walking behind me for a while and I could hear them shouting at a dog most of the way, I was rather miffed as it had been a pleasant quiet day to that point. Then I heard a louder shout then this bloody mutt tried to take a chunk out of my leg. It was snarling and showing is teeth and trying to get at me. The couple said hysterially “He doesn’t normally do that!” I retorted with “well if he was on a lead it wouldn’t be a problem” It would appear that remarked upset them a little, as there was a lot of puffing out of shoulders and aggressive mumbling as they went past, the dog then went off to harass someone else who had there dog on a lead – some people!

Bird wise there was a good scattering of wildfowl with around 15 Pochard, 8 Shoveler, 8 Gadwall and single Wigeon and Teal.

I’m sitting here and the fogs lifted so I’m off out – the hounds are hungry.

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