Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sunday 10th January

My eldest rescued me today when he phoned to see if the wife wanted to go shopping – RESULT! Anyway, Joy dropped me at Wishaw and I had a pleasant few hours walking the lanes looking for a few year ticks. I managed three with Little Owl (please don’t asked I am sworn to secrecy) there were around 30 Golden Plover where I normally see them but further in the distance there were around 150+ up in the air at one time.

I made my way to the church then around Blind Pit Lane where there was an impressive 200+ Rook and a little further up the lane I saw my first Grey Partridge of the year. Also seen were a good number of Skylark on the stubble in the vicinity of the Bee Hives. All in all not a bad day with the youngest son and his partner cooking Sunday lunch it was a pleasant Sunday.

The Gt Northern Diver was still present and the Scaup turned out to be a hybrid when it came closer. I have to say it did look small even at a distance. I would not be surprised in one half of its parentage turned out to be Lesser Scaup.

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