Thursday, 13 July 2017

Wednesday 13th July

It would appear that the parking charges at Shustoke Reservoir has had an effect of reducing the number of visitors, certainly visitors using the car park. I have noticed that rather than pay a whole POUND people are parking in the residents lay-by just outside the gates. Also (as I have been there early) it seems to be gathering a reputation for overnight stays by camper vans.

Conditions, though look good, the water level is dropping fast and there is a good growth of blanket weed, which should, if left provide a bit of habitat for waders over the coming months. Yesterday I had my first Yellow Wagtail of the year – a stunning male. Whilst, later on I saw another Common Sandpiper. The Lapwing flock is up at c.80 birds and I saw my first Sparrowhawk on-site for a while.

On the negative side, where have all the Common Tern gone, over the last few years we have seen upto 40 birds summering and feeding the young, this summer I have only seen the odd bird and they don’t stay. Also I am yet to connect with Hobby a bird that in previous years are relatively regular.

Anyway off to Scotland for a week, to drag my increasingly weary body up a few hills.

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