Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Monday at Hardingwood Hill, Fillongley

I thought I would participate in a little VizMig at Hardingwood Hill near Fillongley, Joy and I had paid a brief visit yesterday on arrival it was clear that it was way to windy. This morning, before I had even pulled my boots on it was obvious it was going to be good as there were good numbers of Redwing and Skylark passing overhead.

At the high point I stationed myself looking west towards Birmingham whilst the birds made there way south. Most birds were taking the same line South-south-west and not particularly high-up. For that reason I relinquished some of the height and repositioned myself on the other side of hedge for a unrestricted view.

There was a steady stream of Wood Pigeons just how many of these were actually local birds or birds on migration I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess. The sky was quite busy, I didn’t ID everything and there were birds passing behind me as well. Then I heard a call from behind me that was unfamiliar, by the time I got on the bird it had passed and going away from, I was as near certain as I could be that it was a Hawfinch. I was disappointed and thought I had missed my chance. Less than half an hour later another group of finches flew past this time in front of me. I put my bins to my eyes and there they were seven Hawfinch, they didn’t stop they just continued on they journey.

I was in communications with Steve Haynes (Harthill Hayes) and some of the Sutton Park Group on Twitter and they were having a similar day to me. Rough totals for the day at Hardingwood Hill were as follows:

Cormorant               2 north
Sparrowhawk          1
Wood Pigeon       800 South-south-west
Jay                           2
Skylark                  35 South-south-west
Long-tailed Tit      14
Goldcrest                 1
Starling                  60 South-south-west
Fieldfare                  2 South-south-west
Redwing               235 South-south-west
Meadow Pipit           8 South-south-west
Hawfinch                  7 (probably 8) South-south-west
Redpoll                   22 South-south-west
Goldfinch                18 South-south-west
Yellowhammer     c.12
Reed Bunting            3 South-south-west

By mid morning it had started to tail off and I decided to meet up with Steve H and Bobby D, one because I have never visited the Hartshill Hayes before and two I like their company! When I arrived there was still a trickle of movement going on. It was mainly Skylark, Starling, Siskin, Redwing, Chaffinch and a few Fieldfare. We were joined by Pete Softley who picked up a calling Brambling somewhere over Leicestershire!!!! Oh to have the hearing of a Bat!

Steve and I then searched around the rather impressive Quarry along the edge of a disused Golf Course, the habitat was impressive and I can see me making a few more visits. We saw a good sized flock of Linnet and a few Skylark but hunger pangs started to kick in and it was time for home.

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