Monday, 6 November 2017

Sunday 5th November

I arrived early at Hartshill Hayes it had rained heavily earlier so I wasn't that hopeful. I stood overlooking the Leicestershire plains for nearly 30 minutes in slight drizzle before the first birds flew over – 3 Redwing. As the weather improved there was a trickle of Chaffinch but little else.

I was joined by John Harris and it was still quiet (if you know what I mean), eventually the weather started to improve and birds started to come through but not in great numbers.

After about 90 minutes a call above us, alerted us to a Hawfinch which promptly landed in the closest tree, it sat for about 30 seconds then continued its journey. Over the next hour we saw a further nine Hawfinch taking the tally to ten in total. By 11.00am my feet needed thawing out so I left, to my knowledge no other Hawfinch came through.

Totals for yesterday

Lapwing                    2
Wood Pigeon      c.350
Raven                        2
Skylark                      7
Starling                    41
Fieldfare                  54
Redwing                  38
Mistle Thrush            3
Chaffinch                 32
Brambling                 1
Hawfinch                 10
Bullfinch                    1
Greenfinch                 2
Redpoll                      1
Goldfinch                 16

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