Friday, 2 May 2008

May 2nd.

Whinchat (male)........

Theirs not been much at the pool recently so i thaught i would give it a good go this afternoon as i finish work early on fridays. As i entered the car park i saw a friend who had just been round and he said it was quite but there was a Whitethroat showing well by the gate at the back of the sailing club. Not one to miss a photo oppertunity i quickly set my camera gear up a made my way around to the gate. Two Tree Sparrows were soon noted, but no Whitethroat. Twenty minutes later still no Whitethroat so i decided to walk the lane in search of one. A Yellowhammer was feeding along the lane with 2 Linnets, then scratchy song , yes Whitethroat my first here this year. I then noticed something fly catching on the edge of the ploughed field it was a male Whinchat but to distant for a photo. As i approached closer it was very flighty settling on the hedgerow then back into the field, i managed a few distant record shots nothing what i would have liked,(win some loose some). Also noted a Cuckoo over flying the pool heading south, 14 Swift , and 4 Common Terns hawking over the water. Two Buzzards were up high, and 2 Sparrowhawks passed overhead. 5 Whitethroats were found along the lane, and 1 R L Partridge .Along the south shore there were 2 Common Sands and 1 Grey Wagtail,and Sedge Warbler all in all not a bad couple of hours. The Whinchat is the 100th species recorded at the pool this year.
Brimstone x2, Peacock x1, Orange-tip x1.
S Seal.

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