Sunday, 4 May 2008

May 4th.

Black Tern..........Photo by (L Johnson).

Black Tern..........Photo by (P Goode).

A Black Tern day today, with many Black Terns being reported passing through the Midlands it was only a matter of time before they dropped onto the pool. Myself and D Hutton decided to have a look at the pool first thing but nothing, only 3 Common Terns and a Common Sand. So onto nearby Kingsbury were we found our first Black. A phone call a couple of hours later from T Perrins to say he had 5 Black Terns on the pool. So back over we came and sure enough 5 had dropped in hawking over the pool. Back home for a bite to eat and another call this time from L Johnson saying it was now 9 Blacks at the pool, so of we set again. Nice to see so many of our friends again, and thanks to Paul and Lee for the photos, Cheers lads.
At 18-30 this evening only 3 Blacks remained.
Butterflies......Holy Blue noted in car park.
S Seal.

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