Monday, 13 September 2010

Monday 13th September

After giving the Reservoir a miss yesterday, I was twitching with Keith (Daylate) Wimbush and we missed our quarry for the second successive weekend! I did see the bird briefly in flight for about the same amount of time it takes my dog to decide to eat his food.

However, I digress today at the Reservoir we are hitting that time where the summer visitors move on but haven’t yet been replaced by the winter visitors. But I can’t complain it has been a very good period for the Reservoir. The last two weeks of August and first two of September in my humble opinion are always the best time of year here. No doubt there will still be a couple of surprises in store, but not today.

There were a couple of Grey Wagtail, 2 Jay, 30 Greenfinch, 120 mixed hirundines, 118 Cormorant but for the first time in ages no Common Sandpiper. I will try again tonight and see what that brings.

Well it brought a Little Gull 1st winter (Steve Haynes) second record this year. The gull roost is picking up with around 30 Herring Gull, 200+ LBB Gulls and a lot of Black Headed. Also a small group (c.12) Wigeon flew over heading south.

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