Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Tuesday 28th September

Got over late, with the intent of finding Little Owl in an area where the were quite common a few years ago, this area lies south of the small pool in the hedgerow that runs to the main road. Although not quite dark I had a good look and drew a blank. I checked out the paddocks again and no Little Owl, this was the last territory occupied and a banker for this species up until a year ago.

I cannot help but feel that the increase in Buzzard numbers has had an adverse effect on Little Owl numbers, as they have a habit of sitting out in the open and therefore would be easy prey for a species that likes sitting targets! Having said that the last sighting I had was in the obvious tree looking towards the railway at the west end and that bird was being harassed by a Kestrel! I assumed at the time that that was competition for a nest site as it was early spring.

Anyway, nature will have its way, and there is not a lot I, or anyone else can do about it. If Buzzards are the cause of the Little Owls decline, they are a natural part of our birdscape whereas Little Owl are an introduced species.

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