Friday, 22 October 2010

Friday 22nd October

Didn’t get over until late today combined my duty of walking the dog with a spot of birding. Unfortunately it was getting quite dark by the time I’d walked around to the gull roost. There were c500 Lesser Black Backed Gull, c.1500 Black-headed, c.30 Herring Gull, c.6 Common Gull. In the last few weeks whenever I have been over late there is a Buzzard that likes to drift over the reservoir causing panic.

He/she appears to have no interest in catching a gull, I like to think it just wants to keep them on there toes, or maybe it wants one of those toys that you used to get that you’d shake and a snow storm would appear (what where they called?). Anyway that’s what the gulls look like when they all take off!

There are still c.50 Pochard and 21 Shoveler.

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