Thursday, 18 November 2010

I’ve got the Shustoke Blues

It was to say the least, a shock to the system. The Negev Desert it isn’t! It was a cold dank morning so I thought I had better go for a stroll. I was delighted to see the Red-breasted Merganser was still on the Reservoir I had received a text from TP in Israel about the bird, as did Steve Cawthray and Bobby D and at £1.50 a time he may well live to regret that. (By the way Tom - that’s why you didn’t receive a text by way of thanks!)

There was a good variety of duck species today but the wintering flock of Wigeon seem slow to return with just a single bird on the small pool. I think that the Reservoir is far to popular now as this species feeds on the grassy banks and there unfortunately is just to much disturbance now.

It was a rather disappointing morning with around 30 Redwing, 5 Siskin and not a fat lot else.

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