Monday, 22 November 2010

Sunday 21st November

Took a walk around the perimeter today, far to many people for my normal walk around the reservoir. It was a bit better than yesterday, it was certainly marginally brighter. Most of the duck had relocated to the small pool and there were c.90 Pochard, 12 Shoveler, 5 Wigeon. There was a two foot long dead Grass Snake on Bixhill Lane which is only the second I have seen, but at least the first one was alive.

The area around the small pool looks best at the moment for passerines but apart from a few Redwing it was rather quiet. I utilised the new path and followed the railway line along the north end and connected with the tit flock but apart from the common species it was poor. The field at the far end held a couple of Reed Bunting the first for a while.

I took the dog over to Coleshill Quarry later in the afternoon and there were c.80 Teal, 20 Wigeon and 2 Green Sandpiper. Unfortunately even at a distance of 300 odd yards as soon as the bird caught sight of me they were off. Really could do with a Public Hide or a screen in this area!

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