Sunday, 20 November 2011

Steamy Weekend

Been over a couple of times with the wife to walk the dog, on the whole I have avoided the Reservoir and stayed on the outskirts. On Saturday as we crossed the river to follow the railway along the back edge I was surprised to see up to 20 people with cameras, at first I though they were sad enough to be birders, but I was wrong – they were sadder, train spotters, having said that it was a steam train and it eventually provided a pleasant distraction.

I struggled to get my phone operating properly to take a photo of it and failed, although Joy managed to take a video as it went passed. We then had one of the moments where we looked at each other and realised we were that busy trying to film the bleeding thing that I don’t think either of us actually saw it!

Bird wise, Pochard numbers have reached 63 but there was little else although there was a good passage of winter thrushes over the weekend.

At home there have been up to three Raven in the area and a pair of Sparrowhawk appear to have opened up a flythrough Great Tit takeaway, it is starting to become embarrassing for me, and dangerous for Great Tits! Also this evening I had upto 80 assorted Finches mainly Greenfinch roosting in my conifers, which is bad news for them as I want to get them cut down to a more manageable size over the winter.

Lastly, whilst crossing the field on the other side of the river adjacent to the railway I found a couple of owl pellets, so if you get the chance check out the field before dark!

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