Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Tuesday 15th November

I took the afternoon off work as I had been working most of the weekend. It was a bright sunny afternoon, the reservoir was busy and it didn’t look promising. If I had been in Norfolk or anywhere on the east coast I would have been excited – there was a good easterly wind blowing, ideal for migrants, though granted a little late in the year.

The birding at the reservoir has been poor recently, the edge is very overgrown and if there were any waders around I doubt wether anyone would see them! There are quite a few willows taking hold and I would have thought Severn Trent would want to keep the edge clear of vegetation as the roots must break up the concrete banks, the rabbits take care of the rest. So come on SEVERN TRENT get your blokes over there to do some management work. Also the river behind the small pool is very overgrown the overhanging branches need clearing. The weir always used to have Grey Wagtail and they bred in the area, but not now it is all too overgrown, probably more importantly to the birders there is very little chance of another Dipper.

Anyway, back to birding. It was poor, very poor, I saw very little, a few Goldcrest, Bullfinch and Coal Tit were the highlights. But, as I made my way up Bixhill Lane all the wildfowl took flight heading for the east end. The noise of 300+ Coot pattering over the water was audible from where I was standing. I saw a Grey Heron heading in the general direction so assume it had caused the panic. The wildfowl settled down and I was just about to carry on when a Little Egret banked and came down on the south-east edge. That was the first for the year, for me at least.

So it just goes to show, there is (nearly) always something there to find!

PS If anyone knows anyone at Severn Trent responsible for management of the Reservoir could you email them or let me have their email details so I can.

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