Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday 6th July

Well, where do I start, I has been tipping down today. While not as violent as a week last Thursday where my garage was under two inches of water. But as I left the house the water was rising on the drive. There has been so much that the ground is saturated. So I left my oldest in charge with the orders to hold back the water – the kind of challenge that he rises too.

I came home at lunchtime to survey the damage to find he had rigged up the pump from this aquarium to a hose and was pumping the water into the field. You can’t buy that kind of thinking! I hope the weather turns soon because I for one have had quite enough. I’m going to end up talking like one of the baddies in Stingray if we get much more wet!

I have been over Shustoke but it has been very quiet, I missed Mondays Little Gull but there are plenty of Common Tern and there were a couple of Lapwing which no doubt if it follows the pattern of previous years, numbers will build up slowly over the summer to a flock of around 100 before the end of August.

Gurgle, gurlge glug glug.

Which is Stingray talk for thank you and good night.

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