Thursday, 3 January 2013

2012 – That was the Year that Was

A very brief resume of the year past, not a classic by any means with just 117 species seen plus White Wagtail. There was I believe just one new species added – Grasshopper Warbler.

Wildfowl in general were down in numbers there wasn’t much coverage in all honesty but on the 6th a wintering Chiffchaff (PF) was found, whilst the 19th held a Yellow-legged Gull (SC).

A possible Firecrest was reported but never pinned down with (SC) finding Smew and Med Gull during the month.

A bit more activity with the first Sand Martin on the 17th. A pair of displaying Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (PF) on the 11th. Goldeneye on the 19th, four Shelduck 22nd, and a male Scaup (SH) on the 26th with a Red Kite (SH) on the 28th.

The 1st saw the first Swallow and Blackcap, 2nd saw Wheatear, the 3rd LRP and four Reed Bunting. The 7th Common Sandpiper. Whist the best bird of the year so far on the 9th was a Scandanavian Rock Pipit. A White Wagtail followed on the 13th with House Martin and Whitethroat the next day. A Little Gull on the 18th (KW) was joined by Arctic Tern (SH & BD) and a Peregrine. The first Cuckoo was on the 24th with Arctic/Common/Black Tern plus Little Gull, Swift, Marsh Tit, Redshank & Oystercatcher on the 25th. There was a Yellow Wagtail and the reservoirs first Grasshopper Warbler on the 27th (PF & KW).

Scandanavian Rock Pipit – Dave Hutton.

It was very quiet with a Black-necked Grebe (PF) on the 7th and three Little Egret (PF) on the 10th.

The 2nd saw a Little Gull (SH) with a Common Scoter on the 14th.

Common Scoter – Bob Duckhouse
Very quiet with a Lesser Whitethroat and another Med Gull the highlights.

A Red-breasted Merganser on the 26th was followed by my first Slavonian Grebe (PF) for the Reservoir was joined briefly by a Knot (SC).

Slavonian Grebe – Pete Forbes
A Gt Northern Diver on the 26th was augmented with another bird the following day. A Smew briefly on the 27th was joined for a few days by another Common Scoter (PH).

Great Northern Diver – Dave Hutton (Thanks)

The two Gt Northern Diver where present all month joined on the 26th by a feral Barnacle Goose a flock of around 80 Yellowhammer were adjacent to the main road and Redpoll were seen with the Siskin flock towards the end of the year.

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