Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday 14th January

Took in the reservoir this afternoon at short notice. There appears to be only one Great Northern Diver present, I say appears, as they can be surprisingly difficult to pick up when they are feeding, but in the near two hours I was there I only saw one.

I thought there may have been a bit of cold weather movement but I was wrong unless it was outward bound. However, there were 32 Wigeon today which is the highest count for a while, but the only new birds were three Greater Black-backed Gulls and a couple of Common Gull. The only other new bird for the year were three fly over Rook.

I met Steve Haynes on the car park and we wished each other a Happy New Year, apparently we had fallen out with each other, strange as it was news to us! Personally I don’t fall out with anyone, I sometimes wish that I did – especially GOSSIPS!

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