Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Monday 21 October

I had two visits today, one in the morning and one mid afternoon.

In the morning it was pouring down but feeling intrepid I headed out, I had gone about 300 yards when what looked like a Bunting flew up about 60 yards in front of me, I got very little on it. About the only thing I can be certain of was that it wasn’t a male Reed Bunting or Snow Bunting. It appeared rather nondescript and plain faced and appeared rather compact. But other than that I haven’t a clue. By the time I had uncovered my bins and got it in view it was above my eyeline and flew off south gaining height steadily. I last saw it high over the sailing club and it kept going until I lost it, or to be more precise, until my bins were completely soaking wet. On the off chance I went back to the car park and searched the south shore just in case but drew a blank.

Later in the day when the rain relented I when back over with the Captain. Again it was quiet but there is a bit of a build up in the wildfowl department with around ten Shoveler, 28 Pochard and the first three Goosander of the Autumn. There are a few Redwing around at the moment but I haven’t come across many Fieldfare as yet.

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