Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sunday 17th November

On Thursday I got a phone call from the Captain, the lucky bleeder is off to Botswana at five days notice (a friend cancelled). He came round to mine to borrow my spare camera battery, he was expecting me to be happy for him (sadly mistaken), my only solace was that he had that many injections at the Doctors his arm was like a second-hand Dart board!

I had been decorating and gardening now none stop for nearly a month. Shustoke has been as dead as a nit and I am getting fed up already at the dark nights – just five months to go!  Then on Friday news broke of a Orphean Warbler in South Wales about three miles from where the Captain and I had gone a month ago for an Issy Wheatear. I knew it was a long drive and to be honest didn’t fancy it much.

My darling wife – Joy took pity on me. On Saturday, after painting my second door and rushing to find time to watch the Rugby,  Joy say’s “lets go, I have never been there – and you said it was nice.” I don’t need asking twice! Anyway, first thing Sunday we are off. We get 20 miles down the motorway and its closed! Someone was threatening to jump of a Motorway bridge. I was fuming, he’d tried to jump off yesterday, don’t these people sleep! 24 hours!!!! They could have put a mattress under the lane he was above and left the other bloody lanes open!

Great Start!!!!!

We eventually got back on the M5 after a bloody long detour eventually arriving in Marloes/St Brides, Pembrokeshire at about 11.15 we found the birders car park easily. I was confident that the bird would still be present, it had been dull overnight and I never dip in Wales, it will happen one day, but not yet. Plus more importantly Captain Daylate wasn’t with me!

We walked about half a mile to the nice looking house which had a garden birders dream of. We only waited five minutes before the bird appeared. It performed for a while before disappearing only to reappear in the apple trees in front of us. I must say that I didn’t think the bird loooked that big, but is hard to be objective. I’m no expert but if I had to guess I thought it looked more like Eastern Orphean Warbler, it seemed greyer to me. I also could not pick up white in the outer tail feathers but it did appear on some of the photographs I have seen. It did have a stonking bill on it though.

After viewing the bird for an hour we headed off to Dale Airfield, I had met a local birder who gave me directions. We got there and made our way along the runway where a Snow Bunting was performing really well. From there we headed across a grassy area between the runways and put up around four Lapland Bunting. This was the first time in a few years that I have seen this species and I really enjoyed it, not only that I managed to photograph the bird.

So just after 3pm we headed home, fortunately the Motorway was open! He must have dropped-off!!!

Western Orphean Warbler? St Brides, Pembrokeshire

Snow Bunting, Dale Airport, Pembrokeshire

Lapland Bunting, Dale Airport, Pembrokeshire

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