Sunday, 27 July 2014

Yesterday – a big day for the area

Joy and I decided to go to Middleton Lakes early on Saturday morning. As we were getting ready to go I received a text to say there was a summer plumage Golden Plover on site! I should have checked the text more carefully we had been walking around 10 minutes when I received another text to say it was a probable American Golden Plover. We walked a little quicker.

On arrival the only other birder present was Geoff Williams he pointed the bird out and it appeared to be American Golden Plover, occasionally there seemed to be a trace of a white line on the flanks but I though that might be down to moult. It soon became apparent that others thought it was Pacific Golden Plover and it turned out to be the case. Even checking my photographs now, the bird looks more like AGP than PGP, but I have seen other photographs that confirm that it was in fact a PGP.
Pacific Golden Plover

Pacific Golden Plover with a hint of a white flank line

Pacific Golden Plover

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