Monday, 27 April 2015

Captain Web (The Woodpigeon)

On Saturday I was doing my usual round of the Reservoir when I picked up some splashing going on in the middle of the lake. My first instinct before I looked was that a Pike fancied a little crispy Duck. I was a little surprised to see a Woodpigeon on the water using its wings to pull itself to the shore. It was surprisingly buoyant and sat really high up on the water when it stopped to rest. It my well be a coincidence but the shoreline it was heading too was down wind. So with a combination of sail and breast stroke it actually made it to the shore.

It was knackered when it got there and unfortunately didn’t live long, what was left of the carcass had been picked clean by Sunday evening!

The four Dunlin on Sunday were a group of three and a single. The three flew as I passed the other just sat there staring at me. I assume it was of the Scottish race Calidris alpina cujimmyi.

I am also in the process of clearing my loft and have a few spare copies of a book I co-wrote, designed and produced to give away. The best selling Birds of the Sandwell Valley if you would like a copy let me know. I’m not posting them so it will be pick up from my home or an arranged meet when I am out birding.

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