Saturday, 20 January 2018

Friday 19th January

Took my car in for a service this morning in Nuneaton, so rather than wait Joy and I walked into town for breakfast eventually choosing the Felix Holt pub one of the Wetherspoons range. Felix Holt I found out is a character created by George Eliot who was born in Nuneaton. Anyway if I want a pint at 10.30am in the morning I know where to go now – as does everyone else considering the pub was packed to the rafters.

The breakfast was good and afterwards as we were half way there we drove to Draycote Water more for a walk than anything else. We checked out the country park for the Hawfinch that have been around for a while, but didn't really know where there hang outs were but we sat down and there were a lot of finches and thrushes feeding on the ground plus a Green Woodpecker that didn’t move for the half hour we were there.

On the reservoir itself there were a lack of birds compared to how I remember it and the water levels seem a little on the low side. We saw several Goldeneye on our way to the feeders to search for Tree Sparrow of which there were none. The fields at the back held c.20 Skylark with large flocks of Corvides and c.150 Stock Dove.

Eventually the gulls started to appear and I stayed till dusk with Theo but we saw nothing of note.

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