Sunday, 13 March 2011

Sunday 13 March

It was BTO survey day and I had a bit on (watching Rugby) so I went over at 9am instead of the usual 11ish. Straight away the visit proved worthwhile when I picked up an hirundine – Sand Martin I thought, I picked up my bins and was surprised to see a Swallow, my earliest record by 18 days. However, there was also Sand Martin – eight and a further Swallow but by the time I had walked around and got back to the car park they had gone.

That was not the end of the excitement! By the small pool I heard Lesser Spotted Woodpecker in the same area that SC heard them last week. I hung around then picked up a female then five minutes later I saw a male but never saw both birds together.

I went over later trying to locate the birds again so my wife could see them but drew a blank. But there was a Tawny Owl calling again. The gull roost has dwindled to very little at the moment but there were a couple of Common Gull. On the BTO count this morning I only managed 4 Goosander but this evening there were 35 birds.

Coleshill Quarry
I have made a couple of trips over the weekend with Saturday being the most productive with 4 Goosander, Stonechat, Peregrine, 2 Oystercatcher, Snipe and Meadow Pipit. Today, was a lot quieter so I assume that someone got there before me.

Also yesterday I spent the morning with Captain Daylate at Ladywalk which has improved beyond all recognition. The wardens and the volunteers deserve hearty praise for the improvement in this NR.

Redpoll (possible Mealy), Ladywalk NR,

Peregrine, from Coleshill Quarry but the bird was a mile away near Ladywalk
Stonechat at 400 yards Coleshill Quarry

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