Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tuesday 29th March

After a long weekend in France with friends I was up at 5.15am French time for the drive back to the UK. After a short sleep when I got home it was dull and overcast when I awoke. Perfect so I went to get some fresh air around the Res.

Unfortunately there was very little around I had a couple of singing Chiffchaff, 9 Gadwall and 3 Goosander but little else of note.

There was a Little Gull over the weekend and SC had a group of 3 Swallow at some point yesterday but I didn’t connect with them.

I did a little birding in Normandy, France when I was there and it was good, but very much the same birds as in the UK apart that is from White Stork. We visited various sites on Contantin and there were a couple of really good sites. They haven’t really had much in the way of migrants through with Chiffchaff everywhere (the same as us) but there were a good number of Garganey at couple of sites we visited and two groups of four Spoonbill. We also had a distant male harrier which through the heat haze looked like a probable Monties and three ringtail that looked to be the same species, although it seems a touch early even for France!

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