Monday, 16 January 2012

Saturday 14th January

Took a stroll around the Reservoir on Saturday morning, in all honesty not many birders bother much with Shustoke in the winter as it can be very quiet. However, it was a wonderful morning with bright sunshine, but as I have posted previously the low sun at this time of year causes its own problems.

Most of the wildfowl were on the small pool with 12 Wigeon, c.60 Pochard but not a lot else. The River held two Kingfishers but there was little activity in the passerine department – either than or I just didn’t connect with a flock of anything.

Severn Trent have been busy, they have cleared the edge for the most part, but I wish the would remove the Willows from the South shore, as that tends to be the only area that attracts waders that isn’t disturbed. If anyone from Severn Trent reads this blog I would be quite happy to remove them myself if they would give me permission. It is nearly impossible to view that area now! The same goes for the stretch of shoreline between the car park and the sailing club.

I paid a visit to Coleshill Quarry on Sunday afternoon and was surprised how much of the vegetation has died back. It has started to flood again and it might be good come passage time. Unfortunately if it dries out the vegetation will have taken over again by the time the main wader passage happens at the end of May.

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