Friday, 9 March 2012

Belated News

I received an email from Rob Carson who is pretty sure that he saw a FIrecrest around the small pool a couple of weeks back. I have been rather busy at work recently but I will certainly make time to have a search over the weekend. He was watching a group of Goldcrest when he is relatively sure that they were joined by a Firecrest. In my experience the species associate with each other, but we haven’t exactly got a lot of woodland.

I am inclined to think that it is probably a genuine record but having read how rare the species is, Rob is not 100% certain. I have met Rob and he may well be wrong but he certainly isn’t a stringer.

Below is his email, I think even although two weeks have past it would be worth a good look.

I am 95% sure that I saw a firecrest last week , Saturday 25th  Feb ,11am ish . It was a bright sunny day . There were a few goldcrests flitting above my head . They were only a few feet from me . Then what I would say was a firecrest joined them. This was by the little pool.   
I am questioning myself as  .....A. do firecrests and goldcrests mix together ? ....and    B.  just how rare firecrests are !
As you can imagine it was a captivating couple of minutes. 
So,  did I see a firecrest amongst them ??  What do you think?  I was certain untill I came home and read how rare they are.
Cheers ,    Rob C.

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