Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Tuesday 27th March

Caught up with the Scaup at Shustoke – a fine male. Didn’t stop as I wanted to see the Garganey at Middleton. After having my fill of the Scaup I picked up the Captain and we arrived at Middleton shortly afterwards after negotiating the strange four way traffic lights outside of the Hall’s entrance. We started scanning and unfortunately the sun was a problem. I scanned the reed beds as that is where the bird has been but saw nothing. But we picked the bird up at the far end by the dead tree feeding away. It was also in company with a female Garganey but they were far to far away to get any photographs.

Whilst at Shustoke I met up with Steve Haynes who also had seen a Red Kite over the Reservoir earlier in the day.

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