Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wednesday 10th October

Met Steve Haynes going through the gulls at Shustoke yesterday evening so I joined him for an hour. Although there were good numbers of gulls there was little of real interest. There were around 2,350-3,000 Black-headed Gull, 500 Lesser Black-backed Gull, 60 Herring Gull and 4 Common Gull.

Whilst we were standing there we saw Kingfisher, Green Woodpecker and a Jay.

The guy who lives opposite got talking to us, and although not a birder has a reasonable knowledge of birds and covers the reservoir more than I do. He was saying that he had seen Ruddy Duck recently and that Tawny Owl had been regular, neither of these species have been recorded this year. Steve Haynes has also seen Hobby so that is three species added to the year list.


BirderRon said...

I read a board where I local birder from Coventry said he was off to see a ruddy duck on a local lake but wouldn't give details. So not being on the list for the year makes sense to me seeing as there is still a shoot kill policy for them.

Pete Forbes said...

If I had seen the bird myself I would have coded the name as I have in the past “Macbeth Duck” if memory serves me correct. I assume it was one of the birds that frequented Kingsbury for a couple of days, although the guy that told me about it couldn’t remember the actual date.