Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Breakfast – Hell on Toast

For the third time in the last fortnight, I have been up early and checked out the reservoir. And for the third time running I haven’t got more than a couple of hundred yards. It is busier at 7.00am than it is at 7.00pm, unfortunately at that time in the morning it is just one big dog exercise site (I cleaned that up).

I was up at 6.30am and after a cup of coffee I was up and out. I had got about 200 yards and was watching a Common Sandpiper feeding on the edge when a dog and it owner came through the gate. The dog started barking and charged towards me. I was in no danger I am used to dogs (I have one) but the numpty with the dog thought it was rather funny, so with the Common Sand heading down the other end of the reservoir I decided to just call it a day.

I appreciate, everyone has a right to fresh air and a bit of space, but so do I! On the way back to the car a further six people with dogs turned up – not one on a lead.

I know most people don’t take Shustoke seriously as a place to watch birds, but with the pressures on the site now all the time, I may be joining them! At the very least, Severn Trent need to provide more bins for dog waste, there are piles of bags just lying around near the bins as they are all full. And I doubt if more than 50% of the people actually clean up after their dogs anyway!

Rant over, back to work!

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