Friday, 30 August 2013

Thursday 29th August

Last night the Captain and I did a bit of gardening, the ‘Zone Birders’ should notice the difference, none of your light trim for us, it was a number 1 all over! Certainly the view down towards the east end is a lot clearer than it was. We paid the price for it though, with nettles a plenty and the mossies my arms and legs looked like a budgies sandpaper.

We actually managed a bit of birding afterwards but there was little around, less hirundines than of late, about the same amount of wildfowl ie Shoveler, Wigeon and Gadwall. A small skein of seven Greylag flew over and apart from a single Common Sandpiper that was about it.

I think we might have a go at the other armpit next week, anyway tomorrow its off to Norfolk for me!

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