Sunday, 25 August 2013


I have had a busy time recently with work and trying to get the garden sorted for the autumn, plus I have been decorating, so birding unfortunately has taken a back seat.

Marcus the dog has been unwell (13.5yrs) and is struggling and has a balance problem, not alcohol related but it look similar.

Anyway, for the first time in weeks I visited the Reservoir (Saturday night) and there really seemed to be a complete lack of birds, I have picked up threads on other blogs that there is a dearth of bird numbers around, and compared to other late Augusts at the Reservoir I have to agree.

However, saying that I had a site tick last night, I had seen very little as we walked around, two Golden Plover flew over low, I followed them and they flew west to the other end but they didn’t land and were last seen heading in the general direction of Ladywalk. They were never very high and I was surprised that they didn’t land, unless they were resting with the Lapwing before we arrived and had just taken off when I picked them up.

Hopefully I will get over a bit more in the coming weeks. I have got another climbing week coming up in Scotland (just 16 left!).

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