Saturday, 20 February 2016

Saturday 13th February – Corbett Tiger Reserve (Outskirts of)

We searched today along a stretch of river which was probably in the region of 20 to 30 miles upstream of the Temple. Our target was Tawny Fish Owl, unfortunately it wasn’t there – it obviously not been told we were coming. We did however see Brown Dipper, I was the only one who had seen it well previously so it was a good catch up for everyone else.

Lesser Yellownape
Asian Barred Owlet
We didn’t linger and took another road back which took us to around 3,000ft mark and we did our usual of getting out of the van and walking downhill whilst birding. We had a good selection of birds including another Collared Falconet, Rusty-tailed Flycatcher, Plain and Pale-billed Flowerpecker. Another good bird was a female Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush, the best though, but not good for the group was a calling Grey Treepie, I picked it up as it flew into a tree on the wooded hillside. I didn’t want to take my bins away as it moved from tree-to-tree but it was impossible to explain where it was to everyone else and by the time I got everyone on the correct spot, it had gone!

Collared Falconet
Eventually it was back to the hotel for lunch and this time we had a three hour break agreeing to meet up at 4.00pm to bird in the grounds of the hotel.

We met at 4.00pm with no great expectation, but we were wrong, we saw new species for the holiday in the form of Verditer Flycatcher, Blyth’s and Richards Pipits and great views of Chestnut-breasted Bunting this was another species that caused confusion as it is also known as White-capped Bunting.

I had already seen the Collared Scops Owl and was playing it cool.
Down at the river 
Chestnut-fronted Bunting aka White-capped Bunting Emberiza stewarti

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