Friday, 19 February 2016

Thursday 11th February - Corbett Tiger Reserve

After a night in Tiger infested country I slept particularly well, considering the gaps in the electric fence. On the way back to our room last night there were a few Muntjac inside the compound! To be fair ten years ago I could have jumped the fence, so with the best will in the world it wasn’t going to stop a Tiger!

We spent the morning birding from Jeeps inside the park seeing more species, the pick of which was a pair of nesting Pallas’s Fish Eagle, annoyingly I just couldn’t get a good view from the jeep. Then it was back to the compound where we birded until lunch was served. Then it was back on the jeeps and we slowly birded our way out of the park and arrived at Tiger Camp where we filled in yet another form. This hotel was one of the best with excellent rooms with good shower sor in our case a nice long bath, Joy was gutted they only had a shower in their room!

Our mode of transport inside the park
Plumbeous Redstart

White-capped Redstart
Kaleej Pheasant
Lineated  Barbet
Self explanatory

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